24/7 Fat Loss-Course Description


Called 24/7 Fat Loss, this course reveals 10 "outside the box" tips for safe-yet-rapid weight loss — without changing a single thing about your diet or exercise routine!

This course explains these 6 critical concepts for maximum weight loss:

  • The '3 Fat Loss Phases' of your day and how to maximize each one!
  • Simple yoga poses that can help squeeze inches from your tummy!
  • The single best kind of water for weight loss!
  • 3 delicious beverages for quickly reducing bloating and puffiness!
  • Why making yourself cold (in 2 ways) sets your metabolism on fire!
  • The nighttime "fat switches" almost nobody remembers to turn off!

The 24/7 Fat Loss Course is packed with info you'll use immediately to speed up your fat loss, and see results so quickly.

It includes a 40-page PDF booklet and a 80-minute audio class where I personally walk you through each individual tip and give you deeper insight into the whole system.

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