I always fail at “dieting”, how is this any different?

We get this question a lot, and you’ll be happy to know we designed this Healthy Weight Loss Roadmap just for you — with that exact concern in mind.

We like to think it’s foolproof, because you have everything laid out for your success. You’ll have complete grocery shopping lists, daily meal plans, information about how to batch cook and when to eat!

Your bonus materials will help you stay on track and stay motivated and focused for the entire 30 day period and beyond. Food combining is a big part of the program, and after 30 days of experiencing proper food combining you’ll never want to go back!

This step-by-step program is the easiest way to follow the Beauty Detox Lifestyle. And it truly is a lifestyle… not a diet. If you’re familiar with any of my books, this program is the best way to incorporate the principles into your life easily.

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