I’m afraid to fail again. How is this program any different from the others I’ve tried and either failed to lose weight or have gained all the weight back?

This is a common self-sabotaging thought we’ve all had at some point in our life. At the heart of your resistance, is often a fear of failure. Don’t let that fear keep you from being the healthy, vibrant person you want to be.

Over many years of working with thousands of clients and community members, when people feel safe enough to say it out loud, I’ve heard this one hesitation before beginning a new program most often.

Fear of what might (or might not!) happen to us and how we will feel as a result is an issue for all of us. You’re not alone. Let me first assure you that this is the most comprehensive Coaching Program I have ever published. So much time and energy has been put into every detail.

I’m answering the most common questions, laying out a success plan that previously only my 1-on-1 clients received, and adding in elements that address more than food for one purpose only – weight loss. Because this program is about more than losing weight. This program is about creating healthy habits for life.
I poured my heart into this program so you can succeed, long term, and feel good knowing you can make a permanent change in your life.

The grocery lists, meal plans, ingredient substitutions, daily video coaching and tips, and the private Facebook group for support is all there to help you succeed.

I’m so confident in your success, my program comes with a money back guarantee!

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