What’s the difference between regular and infrared?

Normal saunas (whether dry or wet) heat up the area around you, cause you to get hot and sweat. They often require much higher temperatures, leading to great discomfort and lower tolerance. Some people simply cannot handle typical saunas and avoid them all together. In addition, the abundance of steam or ambient, dry heat can be weakening for some, and damaging to the skin.

Infrared saunas differ in that, rather than heat up the room, they send directed light waves. Those waves aren’t actually hot until they make direct contact with your body. This is why a high-quality infrared sauna plate can be merely warm, or even cool, while in use—because infrared sauna therapy is actually more about waves of light than external heat.

Overall, infrared technology is safer, more effective and ultimately much healthier than typical dry or wet sauna in virtually every way.

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