Am I missing out by not having my whole body in it?

No, for several reasons: First, it’s not a good thing to have the delicate skin tissue of your face exposed to light waves and heat all the time—I wouldn’t recommend that.

Second, the sauna works by raising your core body temperature, and the effect is thus whole body even if a portion of your upper body is not exposed. Your circulation is still stimulated, and detoxification still occurs in the same way it would if you were in a full size unit.

Third, the ideal balance for the body is actually to have more warmth in your lower body and for your head, heart and lungs to be more cool. However, most people have just the opposite—stress, negative emotions like anger, fear and others cause excess heat in the upper half of the body. This sauna actually helps balance your body, bringing heat to your digestive organs, sacrum area, legs and feet – which is considered very healthy energetically in some Eastern traditions. Many people feel the difference in their body’s energetic balance after just a few sessions.

Finally, in our experience, this hands-free design makes it easier to fit into your schedule and lifestyle, leading to greater overall usage – and more long-term benefit.

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