Why does it require such a big investment?

Despite its compact size, this sauna contains nearly as many heaters as larger units—and with a patented three-heater technology that is more difficult to manufacture. And while most units require assembly, this unit arrives fully assembled.

Consider this: Getting infrared sauna treatments at your local spa could cost $20-40 per 30 or 45 minute session. On the high end, that’s around $40-80 per hour. Let’s say, hypothetically that you did 3 hour-long treatments per week. That would amount to $480-960 per month.

Thus, in just a few months you’d end up spending more than the entire cost of this unit! And with this one, you can do it day or night, in the comfort of your own home—as much as you want, FOR YEARS. Getting literally tens of thousands of dollars in value when compared to paying per treatment.

And the best part is, the size and convenience means you will actually USE this sauna regularly. Like me, you will find yourself getting it in the morning while checking emails to warm and energize your body before getting ready—or at night to relax and unwind. The uses for this sauna are virtually unlimited… it’s NOT something you’ll get and will sit in the corner of your house or apartment like the exercise equipment many people buy. It will become a regular part of your healthy lifestyle.

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