How Many "Billions" Of CFU's Do You Have?

Most products require billions of CFU's per serving because the strains of probiotics actually get killed by stomach acids during digestion. Meaning, very little actually make it through your digestive system. 

What's more, the strains in these products are often less than 1.5% of what's inside your GI tract under in optimal conditions. Thus, they do not reflect nature--inside or outside your body--and billions of them don't aren't all that helpful anyway. 

With Probiotics, actual CFU count is less important for two main reasons: 1) SBO's are what we'd find in nature, and therefore symbiotic with our body and not harmed by the digestive process. And 2) the formula includes a prebiotic that helps accelerate the repopulation of all forms of friendly bacteria once they're in your system.

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